Definition of spe•cial. From the dictionary
better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual

The felines we have in this category are truly special. Despite possible obstacles of pain, disabilities, fear or even against odds of them surviving, they teach us how to made the best of any issues they face.  They are resilient and brave and deserve any special help we can provide them. 

These animals in need have obstacles such as being blind, losing one or more legs, being deaf, suffering great trauma, or just never having any kind human contact.  With caring help, we almost universally see these wonderful animals rebound more than most of us would expect. We have seen blind cats and kittens run through a house and around furniture.  Cats who have lost one leg, don’t seem to notice. Terrified cats are now lap cats all due to the extra time and effort people have given them.

The people who have given these animals ‘forever homes’ say their lives and outlooks have changed with the growth of their companion’s relationships.

These animals are worthy of our extra care and patience. We hope to find all of them the forever home they deserve and need.


Reyna was the only kitten to survive after her too‐young mother abandoned her at only two days old. She initially was taken into foster care (part of our shelter program) as a neonatal bottle baby who required feedings every two hours. Despite a her rocky start, and with a few weeks of constant loving care, she began to thrive and eventually was able to transfer to another foster mom as a “mush baby”, requiring soft food but no longer a bottle. This gave Reyna a chance to socialize and get exposure with more people and gave the original bottle-baby foster a chance to take in more kittens like Reyna.

The foster teamwork, and Reyna’s persistence paid off and she soon reached the magic two pounds required for her to be spayed. Reyna was adopted out shortly after to a loving family who continue to adore this little “queen.”